Tuesday 28 July 2009

What does it mean?

This little aeroplane flies up and down the coast and passes by my terrace several times a day during summer.

I have no clue to what the banner says or what language it is - I know a few it isn't! Do you understand it?


  1. no way
    i can't understand that!!
    sorry i can't help you!!!

  2. Sorry, I can't help you... maybe it's a best kept secret !!!!

  3. its dutch! i'm dutch. can read it but do not really understant it.
    in red; heden, means something like 'here and now'
    black' i don't have a clou...
    in blue; gebroeders, means 'brothers' and ko wil be their last name.

    its is a secret i'm sure of it.. ;))


  4. Sorry,I can't understand either...

    The sky is so clear!! I love this kind of weather!!

  5. I can see this plane flying back and forth from my window too. :) They must be appealing to the Dutch crowd at La Carihuela but no clue what they are trying to communicate...