Monday 29 June 2009

Mellow yellow thistle

It has been a great weekend with very little time in front of the pc. This thistle is from the shore of the Rio Chillar where we spent the day yesterday. I will post more photos from this place later this week.

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Friday 26 June 2009

Colorful dresses

La Fería the San Juan is celebrated all this week around here. It started last Sunday and continues until next Monday. There are a lot of events like concerts, contests, dancing and drinking at the different plazas and at the market place.

eating lady
Many women put on their traditional colorful dress for this occasion.

Also small girls want to dress up in the nice colorful dresses ...

two ladies
as well as the not so young. I will have to try one on ... one of these days!

Have a great Friday!

Wednesday 24 June 2009

Corner view Málaga: Music

No photos in this post, but a video with Paco de Lucia that I would like to share with you.

I saw/heard him about 2 years ago during a Flamenco festival in Málaga. He gave a concert in the Malagueta bullfighting ring - a very beatiful and evocative event under the full moon - as I remember it :-)

By the way, I think it is so much better to use those rings for concerts than killing bulls!

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Tuesday 23 June 2009

Home alone food

I think it is rather boring to eat alone and also quite boring to cook for one. So, when I am home alone and hungry I want to make something easy and fast to prepare and also something only I like.

These days I have been living of a cauliflower prepared as suggested in a post on 101 cookbooks.

PS: I bought this cauliflower before Jane in Spain Daily asked where babies come from! Otherwise, I think I would have waited quite some time before trying this out:-).

My other home alone favorites these days are spinach or cod roe. What about you?

Monday 22 June 2009

Mellow yellow paella

Yesterday at the romería de San Juan, a giant paella was being prepared. I did not stay until is was finished. The line to get a free taste of it was already really long at the time this photo was taken :-)

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Sunday 21 June 2009

Shadows under hats

Today the Romería de San Juan is celebrated in Benalmádena municipality as the start of the feria that will continue for the next 8 days .

Many arrived by horse.

A hat cooling off in the shadows under some trees.

Woman having a smoke.

Waiting in the sun with his oxes.

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Friday 19 June 2009

Friday colors ...

A few more shots from the amazing cathedral La Seu I visited last week in La Palma.

Colourful light falling on this pillar in the nave

from this beautiful 11,15 m diam. window mosaic from the 14th. century.

Have a great Friday!

Wednesday 17 June 2009

Corner view Málaga: Street fashion

I don't think you can call Málaga a fashion centre. Here are so many different people of so many different nationalities, backgrounds and ages. A lot of them are here mainly to have a nice time and relax.

I have selected some photos from my archive to show you what I see as typical street style around here.

It is really summer now. This means ferias and tourists. During the annual Fería de Málaga in August many women dress up in long dresses and with flowers in the hair.

Locals and tourists a Saturday morning in the historic centre of Málaga.

An accessory most women have around here is a fan. Blue jeans, preferably as tight as possible or, the opposite, very loose turkish style strousers are popular here.

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Tuesday 16 June 2009

Fruit jam

Loquat and in Spanish nispero is quite common here. They are in season now and are rather cheap to buy at the markets. However, I really had no idea what to use them for until I came across trinsh's cornerview on breakfast with loquat jam and yougurt. That looked delicious.

So the other day I bought a kilo to try them out. The recipes google came up with looked rather complicated, so I decided to open them op and taste the raw version and then decide how to procede.

The taste was a bit like sour plums so I decided to cook them as if I was going to make a compote of plums. I peeled and deseeded them. Placed them in a pot added about 1 dl of cane sugar, a stick of cinnamon, some cardamom seeds and some drops of vainilla extract. I also added a little bit of water, which was probably not necessary as the fruits released quite a lot of liquid during the cooking. At the end of the cooking time (about ½ hour) I added some maizena to thicken it a bit.

The result was quite good ... both for pancakes and meat :-)

Monday 15 June 2009

Mellow yellow boats

Puerto de Soller
The small beach and port in Puerto Soller.

Puerto de Soller
The yellow boats/ kayaks are for rent.

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Sunday 14 June 2009

Shadows in La Seu

Last week visiting Mallorca I went to see the Cathedral La Seu, a very impressive building that dates back to 1229, but finished in 1601. I wanted to see it because Antoni Gaudí was involved in its restauration in 1904-1914 and I am quite fascinated by his work.

Sadly, I did not manage to any take good photos of El Baldaquino ... but I did take several other photos inside the cathedral.

Catedral de Mallorca
These are from the Capilla del Santísimo Sacramento reformed by the comtemporary painter and sculptor Miquel Barceló.

Catedral de Mallorca
It was inaugurated in 2007 and illustrates the miracle of the loaves and the bread.

I did not really know anything about this artist or had seen his work anywhere, but I really liked the cave-like expression and soft shadows on the walls. Not at all something I expected to find in a catholic church.

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Saturday 13 June 2009

Back from a short visit to Mallorca

Forest of masts in one the ports in Palma

Ups ... one mast in Portal Nous

Puerto de Soller
and masts on some smaller boats in Puerto Soller.

This week I have been visiting Mallorca - a great island, cooler and greener these days than Málaga.

We will return to this island in a few months ... to spend our summer vacation on a boat and hopefully (after two weeks) have learned a LOT about sailing :-) I am really exited about it.

Wednesday 10 June 2009

Corner View Málaga: My back window

I have a thing with mountains ... I can look at them for hours (almost) and wonder what is behind them.

From my back window I have a view to the Monte Calamorro ... the highest peak around here.

Ruta - 2 Start
You can either walk to the top starting here (takes about 2-3 hours) og you can choose to do it more comfortably by cablecar (about 15 min.).

Dust factory
When you reach the top you have a really great view of the coast, but looking the opposite way, well, then you see more mountains and this quarry.

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Sunday 7 June 2009

Shadows in the sand

The sand is cooler in the shadow of the parasols

Parasol providing shadow to a bottle of water and some beachy items.

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Saturday 6 June 2009

Outing to the pink lagoon

One of the advantages of having visitors from abroad is that you get a chance to play tourist.

So, last Sunday we were playing tourists and visited Laguna de Fuente de Piedra about 50 km north of Málaga, and a famous breeding spot for pink flamingos.

The best time to see a lot of flamingos should be end of February.

Mr and Mrs Flamingo

Part of this large natural park area is declared zone of special interest for birds.

Friday 5 June 2009

Friday and almost weekend

The weather forecast for tomorrow is: Risk of rain. So maybe I don't have to water may plants then :-)

Happy weekend!

Tuesday 2 June 2009

Green days in Thames Valley

I was in England for a few days last week. Everything was so deliciously green.

The photos below are from the park of Waddesdon Manor.

Waddesdon Manor
Waddesdon Manor
Green path

Monday 1 June 2009

Mellow yellow flower

yellow flower
A very yellow flower by the River Thames.

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