Wednesday 29 July 2009

Corner view Málaga: Best kept secret

I`ve Got a Secret!

I've got a secret! Oh, I've got a secret!
But I made a promise I wouldn't repeat it.
I've got a secret! Yes, I've got a secret!
But I took an oath and I vowed I would keep it.

Nothing and no one can make me reveal
this wonderful secret I swore I'd conceal.
No form of torture can make me disclose,
this secret I promised I wouldn't expose.

From now until doomsday my secret I'll keep;
I won't breathe a whisper or utter a peep.
Unless you assure me that you'll keep it too -
then maybe, just maybe, I'll share it with you

Mazyoonat dxb
found at

I found this cute poem while I was thinking very hard about what to share with you for this week's corner view theme.

Well, Málaga area / Costa del Sol has something for all tastes, I guess. On this blog, I try to share stuff that I like or find funny or beautiful, etc., BUT if you want to visit this place one day, and if you are not into discoteques, bars and sun bathing all day, then don't come in July or August.

I'm not really into the above and we are going away for some time in August - sailing! We are just counting the days now :-)

For more corner view secrets go to Jane's Spain Daily.

Corner views will be back in September. Have a great August!


  1. very cute poem! have a wonderful time sailing! besos! jane

  2. ooh
    this poem is so sweet!!!
    i hope you had great time sailing and i can't wait to see the shots you will take!!!

    have a happy day dorte!!!

  3. Love the poem!!

    I wish you calm seas and smooth sailing! See your CV in September!!


  4. I'll tell you a secret: don't come to my part of the world in July or August either! Enjoy your time away.

  5. Darling poem!! Love it!

    Can't wait for those sailing pictures! Have a wonderful time!

  6. That is a cute poem. I'm not into any of those things either. Have fun on your sailing trip!

  7. what would we be without poems!

  8. Such a cute poem and picture! Great post.

  9. sailing !! that will be wonderful !!

    ps ... i love the poem. so cute !

  10. great poem. very perfect

  11. sweet poem... happy sailing!

  12. Cute poem. I thought you were going to reveal some secret there though....;)

  13. A very sweet and cute poem. I love it! xoxo

  14. Great way to express the secret theme, through this fun poem!
    Happy August, happy sailing.

  15. good poem, cheeky twist! :)
    !pásalo bien navegando!

    la ninja, new @ c.v.

  16. Great poem and cutie owl. Sailing sounds wonderful. Have a great time!

  17. Thanks for the poem !!! Have a nice august !