Sunday 19 July 2009

Summer garden shadows

A day in the Danish countryside

This house will probably be demolished, but right now it is covered by the most beautiful climbing rose.

A little withered already though.

A view to the sunny field.

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  1. Beautiful summertime shadows. that's nice you documented the climber!

  2. dorte your country is beautiful! enjoy!! dos besos!

  3. Climbing roses are so beautiful.
    In you continue to sweden let me know!
    I like the colorful hat, MB

  4. demolished this beautiful house it will be such a pity!!

  5. That rose is huge! Hope they don't tear it down. It makes for a lovely picture.
    Karla & Karrie

  6. The Danish countryside looks beautiful.
    I got a kick out of the swimmers pic in your previous post.

  7. What a beautiful looking part of the world! I hope they don't demolish that old house. It needs to remain for the sake of that lovely climbing rose! That's a stunning sight!

  8. Beautiful, beautiful!

    Love your new banner by the way!

    Happy New Week!

  9. What a shame if they demolish this house. Well, probably with a good reason is forgivable.

    So cosy indeed! Reminds me from where I came from.

    Have a fab day.

  10. It's so beautiful. I'd really like to visit Denmark at some point but finances have been quite dodgy since I've moved to Spain because of all the unexpected expenses...