Saturday 4 July 2009

7 things about ... me

I have been tagged by Ötli to list 7 things about myself:


So here we go:

(1) Spain is the seventh country I live in. I was born in Denmark and lived there all my childhood. I have also lived in Peru, Colombia, Phillipines, Thailand, and South Africa for shorter or longer periods of time.

(2) I have visited 31 states (13.7%) and I won't mind at all visiting a few more. Create your own visited map of The World

(3) I have lost count of how many places I have lived, but I usually remember things by remembering where I lived at a certain time.

(4) I am married for the second time - this time for keeps :-).

(5) We have 4 wonderful children (2 each - 2 girls and 2 boys). All of them are now more than 18 years old.

(6) I hate to feel cold. I prefer temperatures around 30 C, but a little cooler at night is ok. My husband likes to tell people that even in Bangkok I felt cold when he was almost having a heat attack.

(7) and as for last on this list, hmmm - I don't owe a hair dryer - today I borrowed my husbands new hat to cover those impossible curls!


  1. love this post!!
    so do you lived in south america??
    that's cool!!
    great sunday!!

  2. What an interesting post!
    Wow,you lived in so many countries!That's great.
    Love your style!

  3. Very interesting. :) I've been too shy to post about '7 things about me' which I was supposed to do weeks ago. :s

    I can't live without a hair dryer as straight Asian hair can be unruly in a different way and the hair dryer is well....a must. :p

  4. Murasaki: 7 things was actually not so bad (imagine making a 100 things lists). I had postponed it too :-).
    I would like to read 7 things about you and I have been meaning to ask you what a tck actually is?

  5. Seven beautiful and rich "things"... I like the curls too ;)

  6. Darling photos! 4 kids! We're contemplating #3! Thanks for sharing!