About this blog

Hello. I'm Dorte. I'm currently (2010) based in Vienna, I'm Danish and my home is in Málaga, Spain . This is my online journal where I post photos (sometimes with a few words) from my daily life and travels.

I love taking photographs and work on becoming a better photographer. This is why I committed myself to take a photo a day for one year (2010). You can see the result in my 365 set on flickr. It was rather time consuming, but I think I learned a lot and I really liked the exercise and the discipline it required. So in 2011 I kind of wanted to continue, but as I won't have as much free time available, I have scaled it down to a photo a week. My 52 weeks flickr set in progress is here.

I also like reading, traveling, sailing, art and architecture, food and drinks, and some cooking. So this is what my posts are mainly about.

I use a Panasonic DMC-FZ28 Nikon D90 camera with an AF-S NIKKOR 18-105 lense these days and Gimp for editing my work.

Unless otherwise stated all pictures are mine and licensed under a creative commons license. The link to the blog template is at the bottom of the site. The background image in the title header is made with a butterfly brush from Obsidian Dawn Resources.

Thanks for stopping by.