Sunday 5 July 2009

River shadows

July and August is too hot around here for mountain walking, except for a walk in the Rio Chillar in Nerja about 50 km East of Málaga. These shots are from last Sunday.

You walk in water and this is really nice when the air is above 30 C. Just make sure that you have shoes on that may get wet.

The vegetation along the river is very pretty. Plenty of blooming oleanders a.o.

By this small waterfall you usually stop and have your picnic. You can climb on a little while further, but the walk in the water stops here and you go back the same way anyway.

Oh, it would be nice walking in the river today. We are experiencing el Terral these days - a very strong and hot foehn wind so staying indoor with the aircon on is for once pleasant alternative to anything outdoor.

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  1. The last photo with the waterfall is a wonderful spot for a picnic! The colors are serene

  2. This environment is so great! What can I ask for more? Water & sun? LOVELY, Dort!

    WIsh I could visit this place one day. Cheers for a wonderful day.


  3. "...staying indoor with the aircon on is for once pleasant alternative to anything outdoor."

    You bet, Dorte...I am wilting in this weather...

  4. Shadowy river,
    raging through the deep canyon,
    no one can tame you.

  5. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

    Please stop by and say hello, and check out my shadow shot!

  6. Looks like a great hike! And you found some wonderful shadows too!

  7. beautiful !

    i love the last shot of the waterfall ! how i'd love to have a picnic there ...

    one day ! :)

  8. looks so cool and refreshing! hope it cools off soon!

  9. I particularly like rivers... and yours is very beautiful !!!