Tuesday 16 June 2009

Fruit jam

Loquat and in Spanish nispero is quite common here. They are in season now and are rather cheap to buy at the markets. However, I really had no idea what to use them for until I came across trinsh's cornerview on breakfast with loquat jam and yougurt. That looked delicious.

So the other day I bought a kilo to try them out. The recipes google came up with looked rather complicated, so I decided to open them op and taste the raw version and then decide how to procede.

The taste was a bit like sour plums so I decided to cook them as if I was going to make a compote of plums. I peeled and deseeded them. Placed them in a pot added about 1 dl of cane sugar, a stick of cinnamon, some cardamom seeds and some drops of vainilla extract. I also added a little bit of water, which was probably not necessary as the fruits released quite a lot of liquid during the cooking. At the end of the cooking time (about ½ hour) I added some maizena to thicken it a bit.

The result was quite good ... both for pancakes and meat :-)


  1. Oh, it looks amazing!! I need to try this with all the rhubarb we are about to inherit from our friends garden. Love your photos!

  2. I think they just eat them like regular fruit in Japan...but it's a Japanese variety and perhaps sweeter. :)

  3. Rhubarbs are rare around here :-(
    Murasaki: Yes, but the ones I bought could be eaten as they were if you like fruits a little acid.
    I read somewhere that the seeds inside should be rather poisonous, so maybe it is better to eat them cooked!