Saturday 13 June 2009

Back from a short visit to Mallorca

Forest of masts in one the ports in Palma

Ups ... one mast in Portal Nous

Puerto de Soller
and masts on some smaller boats in Puerto Soller.

This week I have been visiting Mallorca - a great island, cooler and greener these days than Málaga.

We will return to this island in a few months ... to spend our summer vacation on a boat and hopefully (after two weeks) have learned a LOT about sailing :-) I am really exited about it.


  1. vida es bella!...lo saberás!...


  2. Seems your enjoying your life in Mallorca, aren't you?

    Just so nice and very appealing shots. I wish I could reach there one day. Just enjoying the warmth of the sun, water & of course a happy life.

    Cheers for the w/end.

  3. Oh, I love these pictures! We have a slight fascination with sailing! Hope your weekend was lovely!

  4. beautiful... and i´m green with envy. happy monday! besos!