Monday 14 February 2011

Last week in Vienna ...

The pictures are some of the few photos I took during last week in Vienna. I didn't take any photos over the weekend. We spent it shopping and packing down our apartment there.

In case you wonder about the building in the first and last photos it is one of Vienna's flak towers, Haus des Meeres, a nine floors zoo and aquarium.

Today I'm back in Málaga :)


  1. I am in a rain storm today so your photos are giving me a nice dose of pre-spring light!

    Be careful packing :^)

  2. Your photos bring a little spring. I've never been to Vienna, but your photos are enticing. Malaga is probably already correct spring and warm - a dream.

  3. Bright and sunny weekend! The sky was beautiful and daybyday photos are always so real..

  4. totally love random shots in cities.
    these are superb.

  5. Welcome back. You came home to really bad weather. lol

  6. I like this walk in Vienna.
    Amazing flak towers!
    Have a sweet day