Friday 25 February 2011

Artichokes ...

I have not yet convinced myself that I really like artichokes. I think they look very pretty and decorative and they are also supposed to be very healthy so last time I was at the market in Málaga I couldn't resist buying a kilo of them.

In 1080 Recipes I found a recipe that looked very simple:  More or less just peeling them, cooking them and sprinkling with an oil/vinegar dressing. The peeling part takes some practise, I must admit ... but I think I came closer to liking them a bit more :)

Have a great weekend.


  1. well, yes, of course! they really are a delicatesse, don't you think?
    talking 'bout cookery books or phenomenae, TWO FAT LADIES stuff them! ah, delicious!!!

  2. yes, they are sooo beautiful and delicious!
    the helthy part is just a plus!

  3. and a great weekend for you too!

  4. In this country we probably grow ten different kinds of artichokes, and there are several different regional recipes. I used to hate artichokes until I had them in Rome once, loved them, and I still do - all the varieties :)

  5. And how the Artichoke has tasted?
    The photo looks great, with the artichokes at the background. Appetizing.

    Have a nice weekend.

  6. I also am not sure if I like artichokes, but when my mother in law cooks them I usually eat them. I was recently in Valencia and saw them in the market and they looked lovely.
    I always check in at your blog, your photos inspire me, I have my own blog