Thursday 17 December 2009

Vienna is not white


as in Norhtern Europe, but oh so freezing today ...

Vienna has a really good, reliable and quite cheap public transport system compared to many other places I have been to. There is always a tram, a bus, metro or train to take you where you need to go ... and they are heated. The best ones when it is cold are the old trams with the wooden seats where you can feel the heat coming up from the heaters than run along the floors :-)


  1. Since my eyesight started failing because of old age, I've taken to listening to audio books. I listened to the entire Harry Potter series read by Stephen Fry and enjoyed it immensely. ;)

    Looks beautiful there. Costa del Sol has been seeing a lot of overcast days these days so maybe we won't have to worry about water shortages.

  2. dorte
    you have no idea how much i wanna be in a place where snow fall out the sky. it's so hot in here, (even it's raining a little bit)that i just wanted the cold wheater!!

  3. beautiful! and thank you for your visit and kind comment. have a lovely christmas and new year you and your family. kenza

  4. it looks really beautiful there.

    the first photo is just gorgeous.

  5. Such beautiful pictures Dorte !!! Have a great Christmas time ; )