Wednesday 16 December 2009

Corner view Vienna: Books

Here is a view to our books waiting to be read or inspired by here in Vienna.

Actually, the one I am reading now, Sea of Poppies (1st book of a triology) by Amitav Ghosh, is not on the photo. I have been reading it for ages, but I am now on p. 227 (of 530) and it is slowly getting more interesting ...

I am also getting quite hooked on audiobooks and have listened to all the The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency books. Great books listening to while doing something else :-)

Oh, and I also subscribe to DR Læseklubber (Denmark's Radio bookclubs) where you can sometimes download books in Danish as podcasts a.o.

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  1. and the owls are so pretty too!

    Lo's of readfun!

  2. How fun ! I love the pile of books you have waiting to be read !! And I too love the owls ... and the trees on the wall in the background !

  3. I like this picture thant gives the impression I can take one book and read (in english ;)) ! I got some italian and english books too...

    I have never tried audio books, but it's a good idea too... I think it's like my parents read me stories... a great pleasure !!

  4. I also have tried audio books...interesting option.
    Lovely picture.

  5. great photo and the owls are so cute.
    I've heard a lot about audio books - my kids like them but I've never tried them.

  6. your photo is nice !! I have never tried the audio book... but i'll. Bises

  7. The first thing that caught my eye are those darling little owls! So cute!

  8. never tried audiobooks. really?
    number 1 ladies' detective agency! seen a couple of the episodes (series with jill scott, whom I love) but mwah. perhaps listening or reading it...

  9. dorte
    i know it's about the books but i really love the owls!!!