Monday, 13 April 2009

Pescado a la sal

I am not (yet) very confident when it comes to cooking fish. Since we moved down here I have, however, tried preparing a few new dishes like this very simple, but delicious fish baked in salt.

(serves 2)
- 1-2 sea bass (or sea bream) 1-1.5 kg - cleaned, but not scaled
- about the same weight in coarse sea salt

Preheat the oven to 200C. Make a thin bed of salt on an ovenproof dish. Place the fish on top and then bury it completely under a thick layer of salt. Sprinkle with a little water. Bake for about 25-35 min (depending on size and longest if it is sea bream).

Take the fish out of the oven. Scrape away the salt and pull away the skin. It takes a little practise to take out the flesh of the fish in nice whole chunks.


  1. What a very interesting photo collection you have here. I shall come by again. I just jumped over from Murasaki's food blog. Beautiful picture of the fish. Love that you photo journal. I do too but I am thinking you have much much much more interesting subject material there!

  2. Very nice photo of the fish baked in salt. Even though I come from a fish loving country, it's Ronny (who comes from another fish loving country, Sweden) who cooks fish in this home. ;)

    I think I'd like to try baking fish like this at some point. I like that you can bake the fish whole - because all I've had since I've come to Spain is fish fillet which usually come from unsustainable species of fish.

  3. Trish: Thanks and you are very welcome to come by again.
    Murasaki: Also thanks. It tastes very nice also and it is so simple to make :-)