Thursday, 23 April 2009

Earth Mosaic

Calling all photographers and Earth-lovers! Help record a day in the life of our planet, in pictures.

Did you take a photo on Earth Day - 22 April - of the world around you. If yes, you can participate in the Earth Mosaic Project (until 30th April). Select your best one from this day and opload it on the Earth Mosaic site. The aim is to make a giant mosaic.

More info here EarthMosaic

I just oploaded this one - the weather around here was very strange today - big clouds came rolling in from the sea obscuring everything quite suddenly.


  1. Hi Dorte! Thanks for visiting. You have some great shots here. I´ll add you to the link list. Un abrazo-Jane

  2. We live up on a hill and we could see the huge blanket of clouds covering the far as we could see. It looked kind of spooky but I've noticed it gets like this every once in awhile. Last week there were two days like this.