Sunday 5 April 2009

Mercadillo ecólogico

This morning we went to Cártama just north of Málaga to explore the ecological market that takes place there every first Sunday of the month. In fact, you can find an ecological market every week somewhere in the Guadalhorce region of Andalucía.

The supermarkets around here are not well stocked with ecological products - and even though I am not a fanatic, I prefer to buy ecological products when possible.

And today I bought lemons - I like you use the lemon zest in many of the things that I cook, but they definately have to be organic. Well one of the next days I am going to make preserved lemons ...


  1. I would be very interested in going to one of these. Do you know if there are any I could go to using public transportation (the train)? I could take a short taxi ride from the train station but nothing too far because of the costs.

  2. The mercadillo in Cártama is actually in the part of Cártama that is called Cártama Estación. I thought is was just a station, but in fact it is at rather large town around the station. The market place is very near the train station.

    The Cartáma Pueblo is some kilometers away.

    There is also a train to Pizarra. You can find the timetables at

    There should also be busses One is Málaga - Cartama (line 221 I think).