Wednesday 6 October 2010

Corner view: Orange

My plan was to go to Naschmarkt yesterday to buy a big bunch of the beautiful Japanese lanterns and take some photos with a lot of beautiful orange in them, but the weather here is Vienna kept me indoor. It's so grey and dark and wet.

So instead ... a shot of another of my favorites, the buganvilla. I think it is very pretty to mix orange with pink.

Corner view is hosted by Ötli this week and next week, so for more about orange head over there.


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  2. I'll wait for the lantern. Buganvilla is perfect! Have a nice day.

  3. Bugavilla is so perfect, i agree with Otli !!!

  4. ah, red leaves and bad weather. autumn. defo.

  5. I hope weather in Vienna gets better soon. After some gloomy time we've had a nice sunny day here in London. Finally!
    Your photo is beautiful- thank you for sharing :)