Monday 4 October 2010


From my terrace in Málaga I have observed birds. Every afternoon a few, then more and more birds gather and then they sweep the lawns for ... worms, insects, seeds?
I really wanted to get some shots of them when they were taking off or landing, but they didn't come as I wanted them to.

Have a great start of the week. I'm back in Vienna now and I guess I will stay here all of October ...


  1. I toured your latest blog posts, what a wonderful journey it was!
    Thank you,
    and welcome back to Vienna! :-)

  2. i came looking for orange (hi hi), and i found me some birds! no mind, there's a funny odd one out there on the line. sense of humour... :)

  3. Beautiful compsition and colurs. I love these.

  4. Love that combination! The first shot is just beautiful, the second even a bit scary...reminds me of Hitchcocks "The Birds"!!