Friday 20 August 2010

Weekend walks

I think we will look at some more trees this weekend.

The ones on the photo above is from our walk last weekend when we tried out the Hermannskogel trail.

There are 9 different trails to choose from and a very good thing is that you can access all of them with public transport.

Have a great weekend.


  1. your photography feels alive. thanks for sharing :)

  2. Oh it´s a amazing! al ver las fotos me dieron ganas de aspirar profundamente para sentir el olor del bosque. Te mando besos, gracias por pasar por mi blog, bye.

  3. Look, who's hiding behind that green fence! ;-)

    Have you by any chance seen the July issue of the ITALIAN VOGUE?
    The play of colours and the colours of your "sun through the blind" picture reminds me of some of the images there.

  4. Your pictures are very inspiring. They all have poetry in them... Thanks for sharing them...

  5. Woow, lots of trees... I would love to get out of the city to get fresh air!!
    Thank you for sharing beautiful photos!!

  6. Merisi: I guess you mean the "oily" ones. I havn't seen the paper magazine, but there was something about them in the news and I have looked at them online ... and pinned some of them to my virtual pinboard :)

  7. love the second photo!! those trees are fantastic, thanks for sharing!!