Wednesday 18 August 2010

Wednesday ....

sun through the blinds and some randomness:

A little while ago I saw that Elisabelle had created a virtual pinboard. I really liked the idea, and now I have my own where I intend to pin all kinds of stuff that inspires me instead of using my fridge and doors etc ... and I won't have to pack it all away when we are moving away.

A little while ago I got a kind of unusual comment on one of my photos on flickr, a spoken critique. You can listen to the comment here. is a photoblog by an Australian guy who prefers to comment verbally rather than in writing on photos he likes.

Oh, and then I am watching/listening to this PREMIERE: New video with Vinnie Who. I especially like it because my daughter is dancing in it. She is the shortest of the girls :)

And the last one for now. If you like owls, check out this My Owlbarn.


  1. Fun stuff all around...virtual pinboard...spoken critique...the Vinnie Who video. And I loved your lamppost shot!

  2. A photo like an abstract painting ! Nice idea ! And bravo for the pinboard and the links ! Vey interesting !

    Have a nice day

  3. I love that image,
    very creative approach to capture the light!

    I have to go look into that virtual pin wall, thank you for the tip.