Wednesday 9 June 2010

Corner view: Bliss

This week´s corner view theme is bliss. On the first screenshot you see the Windows wallpaper bitmap named Bliss taken by photographer Charles O'Rear. The Bliss image is not the desktop wallpaper I normally look at.

Usually I find a new desktop wallpaper on Smashing Magazine every month.  The second screenshot show you the one I have chosen for June. I find the colors and composition rather blissful.

More corner views at Jane's Spain Daily.


  1. I thought about it...jajajaja.
    Looked at google and it was what appeared! jajaja

  2. The perfect vision for the blogosphere !

  3. are those oil rigs. i cannot be blissful looking at those right now. or maybe it is something else, and my mind is just going there. very smart take on bliss though.

  4. I also like the colors in the second photo! Have a blissful week!

  5. Special bliss Dorte !!!

  6. i'm agree with Ötli...
    love the colors in the second one!
    have a blissful day!

  7. haha! i have the same one!!

  8. Fun View of Bliss:)
    I haven't changed my screen for ages,still have a b/w photo of my daughter at the beach from about 3 years ago. Would be a fun C.V. theme too---to reveal our screen image!
    A bliss-full day to you♡

  9. holà Dorte!
    thank you for visiting me and i'm glad you're a new convert to tthe Raf tomatoes! :-)
    I've been drooling over your photographs below they're fantastic!