Thursday 19 November 2009

November evenings

I have signed up for an intensive German conversation course, so two nights a week I walk along this street to the school on Opernring. It was really misty, but the lights and all the dry leaves made it look so pretty.

We don't know yet for sure how long time we will stay in Vienna, but so far until February next year. Anyhow, it is quite good with a brush up (kick in a certain bodypart) to start saying something in German ...


  1. Such a good idea to go to a conversation course. I live in Germany for almost 3 years now and can keep up a good conversation. But my grammar is really really bad. At least someone always has a good laugh when I say something in German. ;)
    Maybe I should go find a good course over here. It will put it on my list for the New Year resolutions.
    ♥ Liebe Grüsse, Jeannette

  2. What an evening! Best of luck with your courses!

  3. Jeanette: I am at a stage where I feel I speak as a baby. I had German in ground school, but that is soooo many years ago and I have never used it. If we stay here next year too I would really like to find a German speaking person to "exchange2 language with on a regular basis. I think that would be quite effective!

    ModSquad: Thanks!