Monday, 30 May 2011

Good morning

I have been away from here a little longer than planned. These are some shots from a very green Copenhagen the week before last.

Have nice start of the week :)

Evening up-date: I think my comment box issue has been fixed now. I asked in the Blogger Help Forum for advice and after two minutes a got the advise to revert widget templates to default :)


  1. Yes, I tried leaving a comment earlier! Glad you were able to fix it :^)

    Your photos are beautiful. The green / blue of architecture and plants is very soothing. Puts me in a peaceful place and I'd like to take a walk there. x

  2. that door photo is stunning! x

  3. Ah perfect, now I can tell you how much I like these shots! Beautiful greens!

  4. i'm in awe for yur pungent colour of greens...

  5. your green selection is beautiful ... and your orange too !!