Tuesday 19 January 2010

Looking for OPEC

January's challenge in the flickr group La Vuelta al Mundo is architecture. My idea is to take photos of some of the newer buildings around Vienna.

Yesterday I had an errand in the neighbourhood of OPEC Headquarter, a building from the 1960'es (top photo - the small building w. blue pillars). However, when I got closer I saw that it is in the process of being demolished.

At home, I looked up the new address and it was not far from the old place. I had and errand in the area again today and I got a  shot of the new headquarter squeezed in between the some other gray buildings (bottom photo). Architecture-wise not so interesting, I think, at least not from the outside.

I do hope that the rest of the month will be a little more sunny than so far. Things look somehow better in sunshine.

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