Monday, 29 November 2010

Orange Monday

Yesterday was nice and sunny. Today it is raining A LOT and there is orange alert in Andalucía.


  1. Love your red-orange photos! And as far as your weather goes, find a comfrtable corner, a good book, and stay warm and dry. xo

  2. Warming colors on a cold day, looooove the first photo, beautiful. Tangerines and winterdays, they fit so nicely, sunshine trapped in a fruit.

  3. orange alert? like, i don't get it? throwing oranges at you's?
    hey? here in belgium there's a tradition of oranges being thrown about by the 'gilles', i'll have you know!

  4. I don't get the color coding either, should it not be called white alert? Fierce wind is hissing outside, and we're expecting lots of snow tomorrow:(:(:(