Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Corner view Vienna: Repurposed

This week's corner view is about showing something in your home that you´ve found another use for. We moved apartment two days ago and, well, I've been kind of occupied unpacking and finding out what this apartment has of essentials and what we need to get so that we can feel at home.

So, yesterday I went out buying some stuff like coat hangers, clothes pegs, tea towels, tea mugs,

and these two white pots and learned that Email in German is enamel in English ...

For no other purpose than that I really like dragonflies, I had to bring home some of these porcelain ones too. Now I just have to find something to hang them on :-)

If you want ideas for repurposing, go to Jane at Spain Daily.


  1. Nice things you bought - especially the dragon flies. They now have a new life in your new apartment.

  2. That dragon fly is so cool! Happy unpacking and welcome to your new home! xo

  3. Happy moving day to you! Lovely photos - it all looks so serene - an illusion I am sure if you are in the middle of unpacking!!! Cheers! Kimmie

  4. I really love dragonflies too. Happy settling in!

  5. Dragonflies are in my world as well. I can feel the sweet atmosphere of your new home...

  6. Woow, I love the dragonflies and love the view from your window!

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  7. those white pots look great and so does the dragonflies.
    Happy settling into your new home.